December 30, 2008

Selling Tips for Auction Sites

If you are looking to sell items on auction sites such as Ebay, there are a few ways to make your selling more profitable. Many people jump into Ebay and start selling before they realize that like anything else, it is a business. If you would like to sell on Ebay and make a healthy profit, here are some great tips.

It is important to find an item that you can sell that can make you a healthy profit. There are many items that sell well on Ebay, unfortunately though the market is saturated and there are dozens of competitors that are at each others throat. If you are just starting out, choose an item that doesn't have a lot of competition and that is easy to sell. You might find one or two items that will earn you a few dollars a day. And actually a few dollars a day profit is good when starting out instead of losing money.

Auction sites can cost a lot. Figure in fees such as listing fees, final purchase fees, payment processing fess and shipping fees, so do your homework, and figure out exactly how much an item costs to sell. Most auction site sellers only make a dollar or two on an item, even though they get it dirt cheap. Unless you have a special product don't expect to make wide profit margins. A few bucks is typical.

It is also important to state your product, return policy and shipping policy clearly. You don't want a person taking advantage of you or your product. Make sure everyone that enters into a transaction with you is well informed. So follow these tips to selling on auction sites.

December 27, 2008

Keep Proper Records for your Business

If you have as mall business, then it is extremely important to keep proper records for your business. Many small business owners don't realize just how important proper records can be. Many records are necessary for tax purposes, paying out money and keeping track of businesses that owe you money. Without your ability to keep proper records, your business can be ruined easily.

If you are a small business, it is actually very easy to keep detailed records. Many people that do business online love the easy way you are able to get quite detailed information about your business and its functions. For instance, businesses that use Paypal, can download all their transaction data either into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database and easily analyze their data. You can easily find out what payments have been made over a day, week, month or year. You can also calculate fees, and net earnings.

Businesses that do business on Ebay are also able to download lots of information on their business, such as listing fees and the products that they sell. This can help lots of businesses with tax records as well as inventory reports.

Many ecommerce web sites have back end functions built in so you can figure out taxes, inventory on the fly and shipping costs. With the use of computers you can easily keep great records that can you help you analyze your sales data or quickly prepare your taxes. So read the above tips for great ways to keep proper records.

December 20, 2008

Payment Services for Online Merchants

If you are an online merchant, one of the biggest obstacles making a successful business is getting paid from your customers. When the internet first started out, very few people had credit card processing technology, so the only way you can get paid was via a check or money order. While that definitely had an impact on ecommerce, today it is easier than ever to transfer money online from customers to merchants. Here are some tips on payment services.

There are two main payment services; Paypal and credit card processors. Paypal has completely revolutionized the industry since its inception and has made many people expand their business and ease their operations by transferring funds from buyer to seller, fast, easy and reliably.

Paypal holds each members personal and financial data on their server, so it is very difficult to conduct fraud. Paypal is also a very secure and reliable way to transfer money.

Credit Card processors are also a viable option. Used primarily by larger businesses, credit card processors allow a web site to take credit card orders over the phone, or through a ecommerce shopping cart. Credit card processors usually charge a monthly and per transaction fee. They are a little more expensive than Paypal but are open to more customers that shop online. Fraud is a little more rampant with credit cards because there are more ways to use stolen credit cards then using a Paypal account. So if you are looking for a great way to complete transactions online, check into these payment services.

December 8, 2008

Motivational Seminars

If you need to be inspired or to learn a skill that can help you back at the office, then you should look into motivational seminars. Motivational seminars are a great way to improve the morale and performance of your managers, coworkers or small business entrepreneurs. Here are some tips on motivational seminars.

Many people find that motivational seminars can have a profound affect on their lives. Motivational seminars teach people how to achieve their goals in life and work and can be extremely positive to your morale and relationships with other people.

Most seminars are very affordable and usually cost less than $100 per day. Depending on the topic and the speaker, a motivational seminar can last for one day or many days. Many successful people either run motivational seminars or are guests at them. You might want to choose a motivational seminar where many successful and famous people speak, giving the audience lots of insights and ways to cope with their obstacles in order to achieve. Most motivational seminars are located in bigger cities or at top corporate or vacation spots where it is easy for people to relax and congregate. If you would like to achieve in your personal or business life, look into attending motivational seminars.

December 3, 2008

Who is zulhusni

This is one of my best friend blogger which today i am thinking of writing a review for him. Alright, things gonna get personal. Firstly, of course zulhusni is his name. Live in Malaysia and still doesn’t have a chance to go abroad. Zulhisam is his father’s name. And zulkifly is his grandpa’s name. All three of them got the same front name ‘zul’. What amaze me that he is only 19 and still studying but he still manage as a teens make money online by blogging.

gaya seorang pendakipoyobiler laa mjlis kawen aku and somad

he in his first year architecture student in IIUM. He is an active and outdoor teen. Moreover, camping and hiking are his hobby and martial arts are his favorite sport. 18 when he first start blogging with blogspot and learn a lot from his father. His father is the one that inspired him on blogging after zulhusni saw his father made his first million with the internet business. Now, he is part timer blogger and a student

Zulhusni dot com a.k.a teens make money online

This blog is dedicated as a personal and an information blog. It was launched on June 2008 after months of learning. He will more focusing on posting about blogging and how to earn extra money only with blogging. As a teen, he always tell his friends to involve in online business especially blogging. Therefore, Teens Make Money Online | Zulhusni is a place for them and for you! If you would like to know more about him and his blog, just just visit

December 1, 2008

Business Plans

If you are a small business owner or trying to get a business off the ground, you can benefit from creating a business plan. A business plan is a road map which details your products, services, and your market segment. Your business plan can help explain your businesses purpose to others and help you clarify your goals and your businesses aims.

Business plans are not only useful for a business owner, they are integral in acquiring financing either commercially or through a government or state loan or grant. Most businesses forgo the business plan especially if they are small because they think that a business plan takes too much money to create and can be too time consuming.

Today you can buy business plan software that can help you step by step create your business plan from scratch. The software is usually very affordable and can help you get your business plan on paper in a short amount of time. With a business plan you can show the banks, investors and the government that your business is well thought out and that you are committed to making it succeed. So if you are looking for a way to understand your business better or acquire financing, look into creating an important business plan.