April 1, 2008

Google Adwords Tips

If you are a small business or web site developer then you probably rely on advertising to spread the word on your business, products, services, or web sites. Many people usually don't have a big budget for advertising, however there are great options. One of the most easiest and affordable ways to advertise your online business or web site is to advertise with Google Adwords. Here are some tips.

It is very easy and affordable to advertise with Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a simple way to reach thousands of viewers each day that might be interested in your product, service, or web site. Google Adwords allows you to create a short text ad that is easily shown when a web surfer searches a specific phrase or keyword. Not only are Google Adwords shown on the results page but Google also shows your text ad on web site pages that are similar to topic and keyword as the advertisement that you created.

The beauty of Google Adwords is that you only pay for the people that click on your ad and are taken to your web site. Pay per click advertising is extremely profitable and can provide a very good return on your investment. Google Adwords costs can start from $.05 per click depending on the keyword and how many viewers you would like. For obscure words you can get a few dozen viewers at only $.05 a click. However if you choose a keyword like iPOD, prepare to pay lots of money for each click you receive. iPOD can cost from $.50 to over $1 for each click.

Two factors to keep in mind when building an Adwords campaign are the popularity of the keyword and the amount of viewers you would like. The more viewers and the more popular the keyword the more expensive your campaign will be. So if you are a small business or web designer, use Adwords as a great tool, but learn all the ins and outs before spending lots of money on an advertising campaign.