February 7, 2009

Ways to Get Free Advertising for your Website

If you are a web developer or small businessman, it is tough to spread the word for your web site, product or service. Many people just don't have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars for advertising expenses. However if you are a little innovative, there are many ways that you can advertise your web site for free. Here are some tips.

To get your web site well known first do the obvious, make sure that your web site is optimized and submit it to all the major search engines and directories. While many web developers benefit from ranking high in the search engines, you will most likely need to do more to get traffic to your web site.

A great idea is viral marketing, creating an article or product that contains your back link and advertisement that is then submitted to thousands of people to freely download and post to their sites. Many people create valuable articles with their web site link and advertisement; they then post them on several highly trafficked article distribution sites. Within a few weeks you might see a rise in traffic using this technique.

There are also plenty of banner exchange sites, where you choose to show other peoples advertisement in exchange for others posting your advertisement or your banner on their web site. Banner exchanges do contribute to building traffic.

Another great idea is posting valuable information on web sites. If you contribute to a forum or blog, you can leave your signature which includes your product or web site link. This can also build a good reputation for your products and web sites. So if you want to build your web site but don't have a big budget, try some of these free advertising alternatives.