May 22, 2008

Scams to Avoid Online

If you surf the web, have a web site or ecommerce site, or sell on auction sites, you should be prepared to be scammed. There are thousands of hackers trying to hack your computer, business or scam you out of money each and everyday, here are some tips that help you avoid scams.

There are major ways to avoid scams and hackers online. Have a powerful antivirus program running all the time, do not click on any links that you are not aware of, and if doing business online, never pay with sources other than check, money order or Paypal. You can cut down your risk to being scammed by following these three tips.

Virus software will help you protect you from general viruses as well as spyware and Trojan horses. Trojan horses are small programs that are inadvertently downloaded and find personal information which is then sent to a database online.

Do not click on links that seem suspicious. You can download a Trojan horse or give away your personal and financial information to an entity other than which was stated. If you do business on auction sites, never accept money or merchandise off the auction site and don't pay with Western Union or Cash. Western Union can not guarantee your payment and many times, it is used for scamming purposes. So follow the above tips to avoid being scammed.
If you are a road warrior and are on the road conducting business, then it is important to keep constant communications, find a comfortable place to work and be able to have the right office tools at your disposal in order to complete business quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Over the past decade there have been lots of exciting changes that have made it much easier to conduct business on the road. Here are some great tools to get your business done on the road.

Most people can't live without their laptop, but even for some road warriors, a lap top might not always be the smallest item to carry around. Many people usually need their laptop computer to read and send email. However, today there are portable devices that can be easily used to read and send email wirelessly. Blackberries are great little gadgets a little bigger than a cell phone that can easily send and view email wirelessly, no matter where you are. These little gadgets are super small, light weight and can fit in your pocket. So whether you are out in the desert or at the doctor's office, you can conduct emails sessions on your blackberry.

If you have a laptop computer and need internet access no matter where you go, you can sign up for wireless internet service. This service is usually available through your cell phone provider and only requires your laptop to have a wireless card to send and receive data. The speed for the internet connection is usually very good, faster than dial up and sometimes approaching cable. So if you are a road warrior and are on the road, check out these great tips to get business done on the road.