November 30, 2007


If you are an entrepreneur it is extremely important that you never focus on one business, but always diversify. Many people put all their eggs in one basket and this can sometimes have devastating consequences. While most people that are starting out in a business focus on only one business, as time goes by, you should always consider spreading your business and investments around.

For small auction site merchants or ecommerce web developers, you should never focus on one product or one web site. While it is important to build long term web sites and offer a great selection of items in a specific category, Web sites and items sold on auction sites can suddenly change for the worse with almost not warning..

Web sites are extremely fickle due to the search engines that can rank a web site very high one week and very low the next. There are plenty of people that think their web site will continue to make money forever, until they find out the following week that their web site was ranked lower or worse- deindexed. So if you are looking for a steady stream of income for the long term, it is important to diversify your business and investments.