December 20, 2008

Payment Services for Online Merchants

If you are an online merchant, one of the biggest obstacles making a successful business is getting paid from your customers. When the internet first started out, very few people had credit card processing technology, so the only way you can get paid was via a check or money order. While that definitely had an impact on ecommerce, today it is easier than ever to transfer money online from customers to merchants. Here are some tips on payment services.

There are two main payment services; Paypal and credit card processors. Paypal has completely revolutionized the industry since its inception and has made many people expand their business and ease their operations by transferring funds from buyer to seller, fast, easy and reliably.

Paypal holds each members personal and financial data on their server, so it is very difficult to conduct fraud. Paypal is also a very secure and reliable way to transfer money.

Credit Card processors are also a viable option. Used primarily by larger businesses, credit card processors allow a web site to take credit card orders over the phone, or through a ecommerce shopping cart. Credit card processors usually charge a monthly and per transaction fee. They are a little more expensive than Paypal but are open to more customers that shop online. Fraud is a little more rampant with credit cards because there are more ways to use stolen credit cards then using a Paypal account. So if you are looking for a great way to complete transactions online, check into these payment services.