April 30, 2008

Accept Credit Cards with Paypal for Your Online Business

If you have a small online business, expand it by processing credit cards. Many small merchants online could sell much more if they would allow their customers to accept credit cards.

For years very small online merchants could only take money orders or checks to pay for goods and services. Most credit card processing companies would charge hefty fees just start an account with their bank and then charge exorbitant fees for each purchase. These business practices pushed most small businesses out of the market for credit card processing.

Today, things have changed, not only is it easier and much less expensive to offer credit card processing, there are other alternatives as well that take credit cards and other forms of payments.

Paypal has definitely changed the landscape on how online payments are exchanged between merchants and buyers. Paypal can easily exchange payment between a buyer and seller through the use of email. Paypal keeps all payment information such as credit card numbers and bank information on their private servers. They act as a middle man between two people that want to enter a transaction.

Paypal is free for buyers to start using and costs about 3% for the entire transaction, which is paid by the seller. This makes it very appealing to small merchants who do not have to pay large start up fees and monthly fees. Paypal also accepts credit cards so you do not have to worry about slow types of payments. So if you are looking for a great way to perform an online transaction, look into Paypal.

April 21, 2008

Investing the Forex Trading Market

Forex Trading (or Foreign Exchange Trading) is actually one of the most lucrative types of investments available today. The Forex market is the largest market in the world because it deals with every major country, on every continent in the world. Since it deals with countries around the world, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Forex market place does not have a physical location, but it is a large network of banks and investors who exchange currency for large profit. Profits are so large that it's daily volume averages about 1.8 trillion dollars. Realistic investors make hundred percent or more profit per month. However, like any other type of investing, you need to have knowledge of the market to be successful.

Money is made using the Forex market place 2 ways. The first way is by buying low and selling high. For example, The Euro and Swiss value is going up, so you buy shares of the USD/Swiss. At the same time the you will sell the USD/Euro while it is up, locking in profit. This sounds easy, but in reality it takes a large amount of knowledge to understand. You will also make money on the banks interests rate, which may vary from country to country.

There are several ways that you can invest in the Forex trading market, each with their own unique set of pros and cons.

First, you can consider handling all of the investing yourself., however this will require a large amount of patience on your part, as the majority of investors only break even in the first year. Not only does it take knowledge to be successful, but you also have the proper experience as well. Also, you have to look at the fact that the market is open 24 hours a day. The key to success is buying and selling when the time is right. If, say for example, one of your investments skyrockets while you are asleep, and then falls before you wake up. You just lost that opportunity.

Another situation that arises when you invest on your own is making decisions. While this may seem to be a small part of trading, it seems to be the hardest task for any investor to do.

Another option you have is hiring an professional broker. Brokers are trained professionals, and have dealt with the market frequently, giving the knowledge they need to properly invest and control your money. The only real con is the amount of money you will have to pay them to do this. That and, like investing for yourself, brokers are human, and have to sleep as well, which may mean that you loose certain opportunities.

New internet technology has made it possible for you to trade online using an automated system. The automated system allows you to set up all your predefined limits and boundaries. Once you set up the program, the program will then take over your portfolio, buying and trading when the conditions of the market meet your predefined terms. This is a smart choice, mainly for the fact that the program will run 24 hours a day, and you will never miss an opportunity provided that you have your controls set right. However, like hiring a professional broker, you will have to pay a monthly fee to use the program.

April 8, 2008

Start a Business With Little or No Money- Part 4

As we discussed in the previous sections, having a great work history and ethic does not guarantee that you will retain your job. There are many culprits to blame, such as changing economic times, technology replacing humans works, and outsourcing work to foreign companies. The only real way that you ca retain your job is not put yourself in the position to be fired. This may seem impossible, but is really quite simple. You have to become your own boss.

The only way to be the boss is to start your own business. "But I do not have very much money, if any at all." you say. Well in today's culture there are quite a few businesses that can be started for little or no money at all. This is not a get rich quick scheme, I am not saying that you will be making five grand a month from the very beginning, but I am telling you, that no matter the amount of money that you have, you should still be able to start a business without much fuss.

Here are some more examples of businesses that require little or no money up front:

Mobile Car-Wash and Detailing

With a little soap, water, and rags, you will be able to start a mobile car washing and detailing shop.

You will simply need the basic cleaning supplies and a good vehicle to transport the supplies in. Supplies include: car safe soap, rags, buckets, a portable vacuum, and dash and tire cleaner. All of this is relatively inexpensive.

Make sure to place a sign on the vehicle you use for the business. Signs can be picked up at your local graphics shop pretty inexpensively. You can also place flyers in various areas.

Once you are a somewhat established you will then want to start marketing your business to car dealers, fleet services, rent-a-car places, corporations which supply vehicles to their workers, etc.

Power Washing

Oily driveways, accidental spills, mud left over from a rainy season, salt buildup. All of these may be reasons for someone to hire a power washer to clean their road, driveway, or home.

Power washing only requires a strong power washer. The client will supply the water hookup.

Advertise this type of business in your local paper on flyers. Flyers can be placed pretty much anywhere, but you may want to target home stores, or auto parts stores.


Are you great at a specific subject? Are you great at explaining even the most complicated algebra equations? You may want to consider starting a tutoring service, and put your skills to work.

Since the student will supply all the books and materials, all you will need is your effort.

The best place to advertise this type of business at local schools and businesses geared towards learning.

Packing and Unpacking Service

Not many people in the world like to pack or unpack before or after a move, even though they lifestyle may require them too. You can offer your services to these types of people.

Some packers supply the materials including boxes, tapes, protective covers, plastic wrap, plastic peanuts, and so on. If you supply the materials needed to pack the customer, then you will be able to charge a much higher rate then packers that do not.

Some packers and un-packers may even offer to load and unload the items from the moving vehicle. Be sure to look into insurance if you decide to go this route.

One of the best places to advertise this type of business it at places that provide do-it-yourself moving supplies and vehicles (such as U-Haul office or Penske) . You may even want to talk with the owners of these shops and work out a deal. Some of your clients will come to you before they decide on where they will be buying their moving materials and vehicles. If you have a referral system worked out with one of these companies they can also recommend you to their clients in they are in need of your type of services.

April 1, 2008

Google Adwords Tips

If you are a small business or web site developer then you probably rely on advertising to spread the word on your business, products, services, or web sites. Many people usually don't have a big budget for advertising, however there are great options. One of the most easiest and affordable ways to advertise your online business or web site is to advertise with Google Adwords. Here are some tips.

It is very easy and affordable to advertise with Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a simple way to reach thousands of viewers each day that might be interested in your product, service, or web site. Google Adwords allows you to create a short text ad that is easily shown when a web surfer searches a specific phrase or keyword. Not only are Google Adwords shown on the results page but Google also shows your text ad on web site pages that are similar to topic and keyword as the advertisement that you created.

The beauty of Google Adwords is that you only pay for the people that click on your ad and are taken to your web site. Pay per click advertising is extremely profitable and can provide a very good return on your investment. Google Adwords costs can start from $.05 per click depending on the keyword and how many viewers you would like. For obscure words you can get a few dozen viewers at only $.05 a click. However if you choose a keyword like iPOD, prepare to pay lots of money for each click you receive. iPOD can cost from $.50 to over $1 for each click.

Two factors to keep in mind when building an Adwords campaign are the popularity of the keyword and the amount of viewers you would like. The more viewers and the more popular the keyword the more expensive your campaign will be. So if you are a small business or web designer, use Adwords as a great tool, but learn all the ins and outs before spending lots of money on an advertising campaign.