July 9, 2007

Advertise Your Business with Google Adwords

Looking for a great way to get more traffic instantly and inexpensively, Google Adwords has changed the way people advertise on the web. Google Adwords is extremely easy to use, very effective and can have traffic at your site in less then fifteen minutes. If you are interested in advertising your business online, here are some tips on how to use Google Adwords.

Google Adwords delivers advertisements either when a person searches for a keyword on a Googles home page or on a web developers web site that offers information that is relevant to your advertisement keywords. Hundreds or thousands of web surfers can view your advertisement each day, but you only pay for the actual viewers that click your advertisement link and visit your web site.

Google Adwords is extremely affordable. Most people can find keywords that advertise their products that cost as little as $.05 per visitor. Most keywords are likely $.25 to $.50 and some extremely in demand keywords are over $1 per click.

The great part about google Adwords is that the advertiser can choose their advertising program. You can set the rates that you want to pay and also limit the number of advertisements or clicks that you purchase each day. For instance, you can set your per visitor rate (per click rate) at $.10 each click and limit only $5 in advertisement sales each day. Getting 50 people to your website for only $5 should be a fantastic return on investment. So if you are looking to advertise your online products, services or web sites use Google Adwords.