May 3, 2008

Advertisements for Budget Minded Merchants

If you have a web site or sell products or services on the web, it is very important at some stage in your business to advertise your products to the masses. For many small businesses advertising can cost a big chunk of money and sometimes does not return any meaningful results. If you have a small budget but would like to see great results from your advertising campaign, here are some suggestions on advertising.

There are a few great ways to advertise with a low budget, such as Google Adwords and banner exchanges. Google Adwords is a great resource for online merchants. You can create a text based ad and keywords in which your ad will show if a visitor searches for the term. You pay by the click, so you are guaranteed that a person visits your site and hopefully sees your product. Depending on the keyword and competition, Google Adwords can cost from $.05 to usually about $1 per click, for extremely in demand keywords, you can pay more than $1 per click.

Another great way to advertise is banner exchanges. You can swap banners with other merchants and reach visitors that are in many different categories or on the same topic as your web site, product or service. Banner exchanges are usually free and the cost to produce a banner is usually relatively inexpensive. So take a look at these great ideas for budget minded merchants.