June 18, 2007

Treat Your Web Visitors with Respect

If you are a web site developer and building web sites in order to monetize them, then it is important to keep the visitor in mind and treat them with respect. Many web site developers do not respect their visitors and count them as a one time opportunity to grab them to make a sale. If you want to build a respectable site, here are some tips on treating your visitors the right way.

Many web developers think that there is only one opportunity to sell a visitor so they bombard them with all types of advertisements once they land on the home page. This could possibly be the worst strategy around. Many visitors that land on a web page that is filled with 30 flash ads will leave as soon as they arrive.

Some web developers try to place Adsense click ads at the top so they click these ads to leave their site and pocket a few cents profit. While this is a legitimate way of using advertising, it may actually backfire for those people that are searching for actual information or would be interested in buying a product that is advertised on your site. Yes you can make a few cents profit from one Adsense click, but you can also sell a product for a few dollars profit, if the visitor didn’t leave so quickly.

Another tip is don’t use pop up ads or mouse traps. Everyone hates pop up ads. You can’t build brand loyalty with them. Mouse traps are web pages that the visitor can’t leave by back clicking out. In order to leave your web site, they must close their web browser. So if you want to build a clientele, treat your customers with respect.