March 22, 2008

Your Logo Speaks a Thousand Words

Close your eyes and think about logos that you associate with products. All of us can name several such products in just a few seconds. The most popular logos for me are the golden arch of McDonalds and the Chevy emblem. Both have stood the test of time, allowed the company's to change with market demands, and stay imprinted in the minds of consumers all over the world. Coming up with a logo for your business can be very difficult. You want it to be original and relative to the type of business you have. You will need to be creative, as well as make sure your logo isn't too similar to that of another product or service on the market.

Where to get a logo
If you have a medium or large sized business, you might be able to have the marketing department come up with several ideas for a logo, with the creator giving a sells pitch for their design. Another good strategy for businesses of all sizes is to have a contest open to all employees. Offering a great prize for the winning logo will entice entries to be more creative and competitive. You may also choose to simply outsource the job, then choose the best logo from what they have to offer you. If you choose to outsource, make sure it is with a reputable company who fully understands the product or goods you sell as well as the goals and mission statement of the business.

Cost increases with complexity
You will want to think about marketing strategies before you make a final decision about your logo. Since businesses spend so much money each year on advertising, do you really want to go with the logo that has three colors? If so, then be prepared for the cost of your letterhead, business cards, etc. to increase because most printers will charge you for each color.

What can the logo be?
Logos can be a symbol, group of symbols, or simply a neat graphic to go beside or underneath your company name. For some logos, the company name is written in unique script, giving it a new twist that works well as a logo for them. Having the right logo for your business can influence sales, and people tend to purchase products from businesses who have a logo that convey a positive message.

Keep it simple
While it sounds silly to mention it, keep your logo simple. It will stay with the consumer longer. Think long term when selecting a logo. You plan to be in business for a very long time. You want to make sure your logo still fits the business 10 or 20 years down the road. That being said, you want your logo to be versatile. Not only to cater to the various markets you will be dealing with now, but the changes that the market will lead your business to over time.

A logo is a visual reminder of your business to the consumer. It offers name recognition and appeal. Consumers like what is familiar to them. The goal of every business is to become so vital to the market that your logo will be associated with quality products or services.