June 16, 2008

Protect Yourself from Auction Scams

If you are a small business and looking for a way to keep track of all your expenses and all the monies that you take in, you should look into online banking.

Online banking has revolutionized the banking industry. Less than a decade ago, people would have to run to the bank each day to check their balances and to check if checks or deposits were made into their account. Today making payments, transferring money and keeping track of your balance is as easy as pie. Online banking truly does offer the public and small businesses great services that are fast, friendly and reliable. Here are some popular services offered via online banking.

Send payments via the internet.
Many people no longer have to send checks in the mail to pay their bills, whether it is a bill for a supplier or a phone bill, you can easily pay it via your online banking account. Plus the cost is usually free with most accounts. You can easily pay each bill monthly or schedule bills to be paid at certain times of the month that are appropriate.

Transfer money between accounts.
If you hold several accounts and are constantly transferring money between them, then online banking is a great help. You can easily transfer money to different accounts automatically and instantly via online banking. Most instantaneous transfers take place within accounts at the same bank. Accounts at other banks usually take more time.

Find out your balance and account history.
If you are constantly checking your balance, and want to look up your account history, you can easily accomplish this with online banking.

So if you have a small business, switch to online banking to make your life easier.
If you buy or sell on big name auction sites you should protect yourself from lots of online scams. Every day people lose thousands of dollars due to online scams on auction sites. Here are some ways to protect yourself.

Online scams are very prevalent on Ebay and other auction sites. If you buy an item make sure that the buyer has a positive rating and has some history, usually ten or more purchases or sales. Most of the time, a scammer will have a brand new account with no history.

If you buy an item on Ebay prefer to pay with Paypal. Paypal has excellent buyer coverage and doesn't give the seller any credit card information If you never receive your item you can contact Paypal and request your money back. Usually if there is no proof that an item was delivered you will receive your money fast and easily.

If you are a seller it is important to state your return and exchange policy clearly. Most people fall into trouble when they do not state a return and exchange policy or the policy is not clear. Also make sure that your packages if expensive have tracking numbers. On very expensive orders make sure an item is insured by you or the buyer purchasing the item.

If you sell specific merchandise such as DVD's or CD's make sure that an exchange can only be given for defective merchandise, you don't want a person buying your product, copying it and returning it.

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